My name is Clark Williams. I’m 24, live in the South of England, own a cat who I love very much, and I was lucky enough to not do very well at school.

As a result, I was doomed to a life of squalor and poverty. After leaving college I spent a brief amount of time collecting a job seeker’s allowance and trying not to kill myself. I managed to find myself a job in a little cafe where I was swiftly made redundant. My quickly gained passion for coffee was not squashed, though. I got a job at a major second wave coffee chain, worked my way up the ladder for three and a half years, and then woke up one morning deciding to resign.

I now commute to another town and get paid much less for the absolute pleasure of working in the world of speciality coffee and exploring theΒ third wave of coffee culture.

This blog is a place for me to share my experiences instead of annoying my girlfriend with things she doesn’t care about.