Girls Who Grind Coffee

You may have seen The Girls Who Grind Coffee popping up over social media, I certainly have, so I wanted to take a look and see what they were all about and what they were trying to achieve.

Well, a quick visit to their website and a read of their mission statement will tell you they exist solely to ‘create awesome tasting coffee and empower women in the coffee industry. And have fun.’


I’ve touched briefly before on the fact this industry is a male-dominated one. This is probably due a whole other post for itself and perhaps I am not the one that should be making it. Regardless, of the 50+ World Barista Champion competitors, 7 of them were women and of the 6 finalists, only 1 of them was female.

So, who are the Girls Who Grind Coffee? They are Casey Lalonde and Fi O’Brien from New York and Melbourne respectively. They both come from coffee backgrounds in their home cities but have since set up their own roastery in the South West of England. Their only purpose is to ‘big up the ladies in the coffee industry’ from the farmers, producers, baristas, and drinkers.

All coffee is sourced from female producers and farmers and each sale of their current coffee is going to the charity Coppafeel who work for breast cancer education and awareness.


With that, I decided to pick up some of their Guatemala Huehuetenango from a quickly depleting supply.

The coffee is available as a pre-ground 150g taster pack for £5 or a 250g bag ground to your specifications or as whole bean for £8.50.

Origin: Guatemala Huehuetenango
Process: Washed
Variety: Catuai, Bourbon, Pache, Catimor
Tasting notes: Cherry Bakewell tart (cherry, almonds, buttery-biscuit base)

I tried this coffee with my colleague, Jass (Instagram), seen here sporting one of the Girls Who Grind shirts (£20) first brewed on a V60 and then with an Aeropress.

We had great results with both, featuring that amazing cherry bakewell tart in both brews. The V60 was great for adding a bit more clarity on the cherry whereas the Aeropress’ immersion brought out more of the body.


With that, I’d definitely say this coffee is a good all rounder no matter what your preferred brew style. I’m really excited to see what else these badass ladies come out with, I’ll definitely be having taste when I can. Especially when it supports such a cool cause.


This coffee is now all sold out in the 250g form, however, I would recommend grabbing the 150g taster bag if you want to give it a try.

For more information on this coffee and the women that grow and produce it please head over to their website where you can read up on more than you would imagine.

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