Moleskine coffee journal

Do you love stationary as much as the next millennial? Do you have a shelf full of half-finished journals? Do you love coffee as much as me?

If your answer to any of those questions is on the yes or no spectrum, you may have heard about the Moleskine coffee journal.

Moleskine is an Italian manufacturer that creates some of the most beautiful but simple looking notebooks you’ve ever seen. Different shapes, sizes, colours, ruled, squared, or blank, Moleskine do them all.

But they also have the passions collection which includes notebooks for jotting down thoughts and notes for different specific themes. There’s a book for wine, beer, films, gardening, recipes, even a notebook for books themselves. But, most importantly, there’s one for coffee.

In fact, I’m using it right now to judge this cortado (good) from C.U.P in Reading.

The front of the book is full of useful information such as a glossary, a map of coffee growing areas, different ways coffee can be processed, some measures and conversions, and a short description of different brewing techniques. This clearly isn’t just some guys at Moleskine getting a blank notebook and stamping ‘for coffee’ on it, they’ve obviously done their research.

Good for coffee lovers and space nerds

For me, my favourite section of the book is the tab for shops and bars. Here, you can note down a few things about the cafe that you’re in such as the address, opening hours, what the cafe does best, the wifi password, and general notes. If you’re someone like me that enjoys coffee tourism, this is a great tool to help remember what certain cafes do best, and whether or not you should return.


Another great thing about this book comes in the form of the ‘tastings’ tab. In this section, similar to the shops and bars tab, users are able to write notes on specific coffees such as where they’re from, how they were brewed, and tasting notes the drinker might find. You can mark coffees on their nutty notes, florals, fruitiness, etc on a spider-web graph to visually highlight the main characteristics of a coffee and see how others compare. You don’t need to be a tasting aficionado to do this, just jot down your first thoughts and you’ll be well on your way which actually makes this a surprisingly good learning tool.


All Moleskines come with a pocket in the back cover. This one is full of stickers which you can put over the blank tabs towards the back to write about a particular subject and there are page templates on the Moleskine website you can print off which allows for a surprising amount of customisation.

The Moleskine Coffee Journal is going to set you back between 10 and 20 of your Great British Pound Sterling. Fairly expensive but great as a gift for coffee lovers or for yourself if you’ve had a tough week and you deserve it.

Not that you need to justify every purchase you make.

Treat yo’ self.


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